Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Lakers, Cowboys and Skip Bayless the most overrated in sports.

How about those Cowboys! It's amazing when media hype is confused with being good. The Cowboys was not one of the top teams in the NFC and it showed with their beat down by the Vikes.

The other most overrated team in sports is the LA Lakers! Another team that the media is promoting but they have beat sub .500 teams at home to run up there record. They were beat down on Christmas day by the Cavs and will be humbled again in a couple of days.

Skip Bayless is the most overrated sports personality ever. How he can keep a job and know as little as he does about his craft is amazing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

There will be two upsets this weekend. Cards and Jets win!

I am going to keep this weeks picks short and sweet. Last week I went 2-2 which is terrible for me but I did call the upset of the week with the Ravens over Patriots pick.

So this week I am picking two upsets. The Cards will out score the Saints. You never bet against Kurt Warner in the playoffs. I will probably have to do that next week when they face the Vikings. So with that being said you gather I am picking the Vikings over the Cowboys. That's not my upset pick even though everyone and there sister are on the Cowboys band wagon.

My other upset pick is the Jets going into San Diego and stunning the red hot Chargers. I will probably be the only one on the web talking about sports with this pick but talk to me after the game. If I have to say so myself I am one of the best at picking upsets.

Baltimore will play well but the Colts have been there and done that. They will win this game by seven probably and move on to the championship game of the AFC.

My picks again Ari 38 NO 34  Min 30 Dal 24 NYJ 20 SD 17  Ind 21 Bal 17

Let the games begin!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Wildcard rematch bowl let the playoffs begin and my picks

Well it has all come down to a weekend of rematches in the NFL. This is a good time to be a sports fan and there will be some great games this weekend. I am going to give you my picks for the weekend and why. There are only 4 games and I will go at least 3-1 if not 4-0.

It takes a lot of wisdom and a keen knowledge of sports psychology as well to pick these games right each and every week. The past two weeks I have been on vacation and so I didn't do my picks but for the season my picks were about 75% right.

Let's take a look at the first game the Jets and the Bengals. The Jets made this team look like a bunch of high schoolers the way they dismantled the Bengals. This week will be totally different the Bengals will be able to run and throw the ball. The Jets are going to have to ask Sanchez to make some big plays for them and he will end up with at least two picks in this game. The Bengals will win 21-10

What do you know here's another game where the team that lost last week was shut out. Philly did what they could early and then decided to shut things down. You will see a lot more of Michael Vick than you saw in the regular season. McNabb will be sharp and Jackson will have at least two big scores. Dallas will not perform up to par under the pressure and Romo will have 3 turnovers. The Eagles will win 31-14

This is the only game this weekend that is not a rematch from last week. The Patriots are not the Patriots of old and niether are the Ravens. What I feel the difference will be in this game is Baltimores ability to move the ball against the Patriots defense. The Ravens will get pressure on Brady and Joe Flacco and Derrick Mason will have big days. This is the upset of the weekend. The Ravens will win 20-17 giving Brady his first home playoff loss.

Rematch number 3. A lot of people are on the Packers band wagon and they have played very well in the second half of the season. Watch this game closely because it will look nothing like last week. Kurt Warner will be Kurt Warner and the Cardinals will win this game 34-20. Arizona's defense believe it or not will be the difference and will have 5 sacks on Rodgers.

Ok there you have it. I am putting myself out there and my credibilty is on the line. Either I will look like the genius I am or a fool. Until the Divisional round God Bless!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Bobcats have found their missing confidence

The Bobcats are looking more and more like the playoff team that the fans in Carolina have been hoping for. There is a method to the Bobcats madness. How can a team that had only won one game on the road come up with back to back victories against winning teams on the road?

The second of those back to back road wins was against a Cavaliers team that had only lost 4 games at home out of about 60 home games over the past year and a half. These wins on the road are the type of wins that will give the Bobcats what Stephen Jackson said they have been missing and that's swagger on the road. A change of mindset where they expect to win on the road and expect things to go well when they travel.

That confidence also spilled over into a win against Chicago who have been playing well and had an opportunity to win a close game but the Bobcats closed the game out. It was good to see the Bobcats score the way they did but they gave up way too many points for a team that plays superior defence. With all that being said they came away with the win and are now on a three game winning streak.

If the Bobcats can go .500 on the road the rest of the season and continue to win about 70-75% of their home games they will be a lock for the 6th or 7th spot in the East. The Bobcats are starting to understand what it takes to win night in and night out and will be rewarded with their first playoff appearence at the end of this season.

Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson are the perfect one two punch. If Felton can continue to give them 10-15 a night and if the center and power forward position can give them 15-20 points a game combined this team will be a tough out even for some of the higher ranked teams in the playoffs.

Larry Brown's hand print is on this team and they are looking like a  Larry Brown coached team.