Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Lebron the King of all Sports?

I have been doing a lot of thinking over this summer and the sports figure that has been in the news more than any other without killing someone or having 30 mistresses come out of the wood works is Lebron James. He has no doubt taking a hit in his popularity with some people but he has kept the NBA in the news more so than the Lakers winning back to back titles.

Why is Lebron such a draw? The decision some 10 million people watched and everyone has had an opinion on Lebron taking his talents to south beach. He has had his jersey burned in Cleveland former NBA players and hall of famers calling him a punk and a billionaire pronouncing a curse on him. With all of that he still turns the meter when it comes to interest.

Everyone was waiting for the summer of 2010 and it was talked about throughout last season because the best athlete in a generation was becoming a free agent. The expectation was for Lebron to join the Knicks and make the big market Knicks relevant again. Lebron had other plans and isn't this much more exciting than him going to New York or staying in Cleveland? This was brilliant!

Lebron maybe one of the smartest athletes of all time as well. He told Wade, Bosh, and Melo to sign 3 year extensions so they would have the upper hand instead of taking 5 year deals and be stuck. Wade and Bosh followed Lebron but Melo decided to take the guaranteed money. Now Melo is trapped for now and will have to go where the Nuggets send him or play out the year and have his freedom next year.

Lebron knew that at the end of the three years he would be able to team up with one of these stars but the most important thing was he would be in control of the balance of power in the NBA. Not a team president or an owner but a player determining which team would win championships over the next 5-6 years.

People can kid themselves all they want but it's Lebron's league like it or not. Every team in the NBA wanted Lebron but now he's a loser and a quitter? Where ever he went by himself that team automatically became a contender. People can kid themselves all they want with the it's Dwayne Wades team if they want but how can it be Wade's team when it's Lebron's league. That's something to think about.

I say long live the King! If he goes on to win 5,6,7 rings with the heat I think his influence and wiliness to use his power would have had a bigger impact on the NBA than Michael Jordan.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What do we know after week 3 in the NFL?

Ok folks it's the NFL season and we have almost completed three weeks and what do we know? Well I will share with you 10 things you can take from the first three weeks of the season.

1) The best team in the league right now is no doubt the Pittsburgh Steelers. At some point people will have to start giving Mike Tomlin some credit. The Steelers are playing great.

2) Dallas will not go 0-16. The other news is I don't think Dallas will make the playoffs and will finish 8-8 this season.

3) The best team in the NFC is the Green Bay Packers and I expect them to go 13-3 this season and have the number one seed in the NFC.

4) The top 5 teams in the AFC after the Steelers you have the Colts, Jets, Ravens, and Patriots in this order.

5) The top 5 teams in the NFC are the Packers, Saints, Eagles, Vikings, and Bears. Wow can you believe three teams from the NFC north.

6) The Tennessee Titans are a very dangerous team if they take care of the football. I am impressed with their defense and against lesser teams the offense is too much. Against good teams they have enough on D to stay in every game.

7) I am going to say Kansas City is in and San Diego is out of the playoffs. I think KC will win the west.

8) Michael Vick is not coming back down to earth. Some people are waiting for Vicks return to earth but he's a different guy in a different system and he's willing to be taught at this point in his career. Vick will easily win come back player of the year.

9) The Jets are for real and all of the people who are hoping they will implode can forget that. Mark Sanchez is starting to figure things out and that's not good for the rest of the league.

10}I am calling the Super Bowl in week 3. The Super Bowl will feature Pittsburgh vs Green Bay. I have two dark horse picks as well Titans vs Eagles.