Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let the Playoffs Begin

Let the playoffs begin. My top teams and playoff choices in week 3 in the NFC were Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago, New Orleans, Philly, I wasn't sold on Atlanta at the time. In the AFC I had Pittsburgh, New England, the Jets, Indy, Kansas City, Baltimore and the Titans.

My superbowl picks then were Pittsburgh and Green Bay. I am going to change that pick to the Pennsylvania bowl. Pittsburgh vs Philly.

I would stay with my Green Bay pick but I had Philly as a dark horse but now I think they will make the plays necessary to get to the big dance.

New England is a good trendy pick now but there defense will be exposed in the playoffs and they will not get the turn overs and Brady will have some turn overs in the post season.

I will give you the game by game winners. I am picking the upset of the weekend to take place in Seattle. The Seahawks will upset the defending champs. Kansas city will be destroyed by Baltimore and Philly will get pass the Packers. The Jets will get picked apart by the Colts.

The next round will see the Falcons destroy the other birds and Philly will get revenge on the bears. Baltimore will knock off New England the team they do not want to see and Pittsburgh will defeat Indy. AFC championship end up being a division game with Pittsburgh beating Baltimore to get to the superbowl and Vick returns to Atlanta to come full circle and beat his old team in the doom to get to the superbowl.

Even tough I picked Pittsburg to win it all the redemption story would not be complete without Vick winning it all.

So there you have it. Just like is going to go down.

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