Thursday, March 3, 2011

The heat are in trouble if they keep this coach.

The lost to Orlando at home is one of the worst loses I have seen in
basketball in a long time. I have to admit I am a Lebron fan and Miami Heat supporter because of Lebron. This was a terrible lost. I put this on the coach I think the evidence is overwhelming that he is in over his head. I think he was preaching the trust stuff to Wade and Lebron in the fourth quarter trying to keep everyone else involved.

Lebron shot 73% from the field and Wade was right at 60%. Lebron was 11-15 and Wade was 10-18. How can a team with two of the top five scores in the league go 5 plus minutes and not score in the third quarter? How can you have two players of this magnitude only have 2 points in the fourth quarter? If they keep this guy as their coach they will be an early exit in the playoffs unless Wade and James decide to take matter into their own hands. Spolestra is in over his head. This task is too big for him he needs help.

Miami had this game completely under control up by 24 points and they just casually let the Magic back in the game. This was a game that told everyone a lot about this team, the coaching and their chances in the playoffs. I would be shocked if they get out of the second round with spolestra as their coach. The Heat have the talent to win it all but their coaching is terrible. This guy makes Mike Brown look like Phil Jackson.

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