Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Decision by Lebron James

The truth about Lebron doesn't set well with a lot of NBA people. He is being criticized for excercising his right as a free agent. I, like some people wanted him to go to Chicago but what is he doing that has not already been done?

Jordan played with two hall of famers Pippin and Rodman. Magic played with two hall of famers Kareem and Worthy. Birds played with a bunch of hall of famers Johnson, Parrish, and McHale. Kobe played with a hall of famer Shaq in his prime and Gasol who will be a hall of famer and should have been MVP of the 2010 finals.

So what's the big deal with Lebron playing with one hall of famer and an all star? Lebron is held to a higher standard because he is truly something different. In the playoffs this year he lead the team in points, assist, rebounds, block shots and steals. He has decided to go to a team where he doesn't have to do all of these things for his team to have a chance to win.

The easy cop out for Lebron would have been to stay in Cleveland where he could always have an excuse if the team didn't make it all the way and still he would be worshipped. Instead he made the hard decision to go a lead a team with two all stars and one superstar to a championship. Now he's the most hated player in Cleveland and many other people have lost respect because he is going to where he has the best chance to win.

When do you get criticized for going to the place where you have the best opportunity to win? A Rod, Sabattha, Brett Favre, Shaq to the Lakers, the big three in Boston, Randy Moss to New England. This happens all the time in sports but why is Lebron Villified when he excercises that same right? The truth, Lebron is maybe better than any of the others we have seen so we want more from him than any other player in sports history.

He will probably win 7 or 8 championships before it's all said and done. Then the argument can be had for who is the greatest of all time. He will be in that conversation. For all of those who said it's Wade's team they are right until Lebron leads them in points, assists, and blocks and win a finals MVP. He will still be the best player in the league no matter who is on his team. Shaq went to LA and won three finals MVP's with Kobe Bryant already on the Lakers. Lebron will still be the King even with Dwayne Wade on his team.

Remember Lebron didn't just join a team that was in the finals last year. This same Dwayne Wade team has not been out of the first round since they won a title with Shaq averaging 18 and 10. Remember Lebron has never lost a playoff series in the first round. Lebron's rookie year is the last year of a Lebron James team having a losing record. Wade can't say that and neither can Kobe. The rest of my take is in the Video.

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