Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Before the season top 10 NFL teams

There is exactly one week until kick off of the 2009 NFL season! Man it seem like it's been a long time since the super bowl. But I have the truth on who are your best teams going into the season. Yes my boys are in the top ten the Tennesse Titans

I am going to go ahead and give you my pick from the AFC this year and the team I believe will win it all. Yes my Tennesse Titans and I will tell you why.

Tennesse went 13-3 last year and very well could have been in the superbowl this year. They will not be as good on the defensive line but they will be good. The defense will be in the top ten in the league. The difference for the Titans this year I believe will be on offense. I think they will be much better and very explosive. I see the offense being in the top 7 in the NFL.
Why they will win the superbowl? Fisher promised McNair(RIP) after the lost to the Rams in that heart breaking one yard short defeat that they would be back. Well all the players will be wearing #9 on the back of their helmets this year to honor Mc and this will be the perfect story line to help heal the fans and the people of Tennessee.
You heard it here first the Titans will win the superbowl and Chris Johnson will be the NFL rushing leader.

The top ten list to start the NFL season.

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers

2. The New York Giants

3. The Tennesse Titans

4. The San Diego Charges

5. The Philly Eagles

6. The Indy Colts

7. The Baltimore Ravens

8. The New England Patriots

9. The Minnesota Vikings

10.The New Orleans Saints

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