Monday, September 28, 2009

I was wrong it's the Twins Jake and John's last year in Carolina.

John Fox hitched his wagon to a falling star and for that he will be out of a job at the end of the season. If Carolina is serious about building a contender they have to get rid of Jake and John. They are like twins joined together at the hip. The show is over it's run it's course and the curtain will close.

Jake and John has been a good show but they are both has beens. Jake burst on the scene with a come from behind victory over the Jags to kick off an improbable run. He went on to ride with this team to a one and only superbowl appearence and for that John has been forever grateful.

The thing about all of that  it's in the past. Reality now is a team with a ton of talent on offense but one of the worst teams in the league on third down or any down. I watched the game cast on the computer for this game and when you look at the play selection from that vantage point my 8 year old son could have called a better offensive game. The offensive play calling was horrible but you know what the head coach is ultimately responsible. The other thing about this game is Jake just can't make enough plays. He and this team have been terrible on third down for years.

The panthers are still a pretty young team. Steve Smith is a lot better than he looks right now. With the right offensive system and a quarterback who can make plays this team could contend for a title next year. There are several coaches out there who will be looking to get back into the game next year and with the talent of the panthers and ownership Carolina will be a popular destination for a pretty good coach.

The coaches that will vie for the open spot next year will include: Bill Cowher, Mike Holgrem, Brian Billick, Mike Shanahan, and maybe even Tony Dungy. Carolina will get a big name coach next year that can take this team to the promise land.

No more excuses this ride is over for the twins. Hey we wish you the best!

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