Monday, September 28, 2009

What did we see in Week 3 Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


Well I didn't get my picks in for this week but I can tell you this. I certainly didn't think Tennessee would lose again to go to 0-3. I also didn't think the Bengals would beat the Steelers.

So what did we learn this week? The Colts are who we thought they were. The Jets are as good as they have played. The Giants did what they were suppose to. New England bounced back and they will be a good team but not great. Atlanta is not quite ready for prime time. Brett Favre just being Brett Favre and San Fran is a lot to handle. The Saints are marching in at 3-0 and so is Denver but they are not the real deal. Detroit got off the mat but the Redskins got on. St. Louis and Cleveland are battling for worst team in the NFL dishonor.

The Jets? What can you say about these guys? They will be a contender this year. Rex Ryan has changed the way these guys operate and they have a level of confidence that I have not seen from a Jets team. I really thought the Titans would go in there with a must win mentality and give the Jets their first loss.

With the way the Jets play defense they are capable of beating any team on any given Sunday. Rex has taken the same philosophy that he had in Baltimore and that his father had in Philly. Buddy Ryan believed his defense was good enough to beat any team and had it not been for the fog bowl in Chicago I truly believe Philly would have won it all with Randall Cunnigham and that defense.

I think Rex Ryan has enough edge to him that the Jets running out front will not be a problem for this team because Rex really believe they are suppose to win. It's one thing to say it and hope you do but this guy really believes this team is good enough to go to the super bowl. Do I believe that? No. But it's not what I believe but what his players believe and if they keep playing like they are playing we all may be suprised.

The Tennessee Titans? What in the world is going on? They are my Super Bowl pick from the AFC. They have been in each game with an opportunity to win but have not cashed in. The pass defense will play better and I feel they will get more pressure on the Quarterbacks but right now there is something else missing.

Vince Young are you ready to be the hero? Vince is a winner and I think it's time for Jeff Fisher to make a change and get Vince back under center. Collins has looked terrible! In the Jets game his last 13 passes were incompletions that's unacceptable. If Vince is ever going to be the guy for the Titans now is the time. This set's up perfect if he can come in and the team reel off 10 straight wins and make the playoffs and get to the superbowl he will be a folk hero instead of joke in Nashville.

The Cowboys and the Panthers on monday night football. Folks you heard it here the Panthers will win this game and shock Dallas again. They weren't really shocked by the lost to the Giants because they know the Giants are contenders but tonight you heard it from me first they will be shocked by the Panthers.

I live in NC but that's not why I'm perdicting this it's more because of the way this sets up. The running game for the Panthers will be off the charts tonight and Steve Smith will shine under the big lights. This will be a game that will start Carolina on an up swing and Dallas on a down swing.

When you see that I am right come back and tell me how great I am. The Truth in Sports and you heard it here so you know it's true!

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