Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger the Truth will set you free man!

Well what can we say. This is the biggest story out there right now and even though no criminal charges will be filed Tiger still has some problems. Tiger said the right thing though it is between him and his family. His personal indiscretions should not be aired out in public. I think everyone should have the right to privacy. With that being said if you are a celebrity your privacy is shot.

I love the scene of Tiger and his family. I am a family guy and family is sacred. I am not going to judge the guy on his apparent short comings but you have to learn from other high profile athletes where affairs have not turn out too well. This same type of behavior caused Steve Mcnair not only his family but his life.

Listen I understand the whole sex drive thing. Men who are driven like top athletes, business executives, and even criminals all have extremely high sex drives. Why do I bring this up? A high sex drive is not bad and it's not an excuse it's what you do with it. Tiger has been great at putting that focus on the field but when it's not directed it's dangerous. The old saying fire in the fire place is beautiful but in the curtains a disaster. I truly believe this, if you are highly driven and you don't have the spiritual balance there is no way for these things not to happen.

Tiger I sure hope you are able to work all of this out and get the spiritual balance that it takes to keep your driver in your pants because if not it's going to cost you a lot of money.

He sounds pretty desperate and guilty

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