Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 14 in the NFL a look back at week 13 and Pics and my top 10

All right good people last week I went 10-6 with my picks. That's a bad week for me I know some people would be extremely happy with that but that's not how I roll.

I am going to give you my picks for this week and my top 10. But before I do when you look at my picks last week you will see I pick Miami and Arizona to win. Sometimes it's more about the physcological state of a team and how they play at home more so than who they are playing.

I will still rate Minn higher than Arizona but I knew Minnesota was going to be in for a big suprise. One of my picks that could have been an upset Tenn over Indy was not because Tenn is trying to pretend that Vince Young is a drop back passer. On those 4th down plays you make sure Vince rolls out and put pressure on the defence! Oh well.

My picks for this week:Pit,NO,Bal,Chi,Hou,Ind,Jac,KC,NE,TB,Ten,Min,Was,Phi,SD,Ari

There it is folks I feel like I will be something like 14-2 or better. I am looking for a challenger to pick against me even if we have to exclude the Thursday night game. I will put it out there a $10.00 gift card for anyone who finishes better than me. If there are multiples then whoever has the best record if there is a tie then a name will be drawn. Just make picks in the comments section.

Here's my top 10

1)Indy-I still think they are better than NO and would win that game.

2)NO-What can you say about these guys they refuse to lose

3)MIN-I still think they are probably the top team in the NFC

4)SD-It's becoming crystal clear that SD is for real

5)Cin-They are going to have a hard time this week but there's no shame in losing to Min

6)Ari-They deserve this spot and they will be a tough out in Jan.

7)Phi-I think they will win the NFC east and be in the final 4

8)GB-They are here for now but an upset is coming because the bears will win

9)Nyg-They have had a rough stretch but and they will lose this weekend

10)Dal-They are here for now but after this weekend they will join NE out of the top 10

You heard it here first the truth in sports.

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