Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 15 in the NFL a look back at my picks and my top 10

last week was not the best for me with my picks. I went 10-6 but as you know if you follow my picks I challenge myself to be no worst than 12-4. There were some suprises last week and some of the upsets that I picked didn't come through. I was really socked at how poorly Arizona played in a big game for them and the unbeaten stayed unbeaten.

I got my picks in late this week and the Indy game is already in the 3rd quarter so I am going to have to pass on this one. So here are my picks for week 15 excluding the Thursday night game.

Here are my picks for week 15 the winners: NO, Bal, NE, Ari, Hou, Ten, KC, Nyj, Phi, Den, SD, Pit, Sea, Car, Nyg. There you have it. My upset pick of the week is the Sunday night match up. Car will stun the Vikings.

My top 10 for the week

1)Indy-They are still the team to beat and will at least go 18-0

2)NO-They will win until the last game of the season and then be upset by Car

3)Min-Even though I think they will be upset they are still my pick to go from the NFC

4)SD-These guys just keep winning and they will be a tough out in Jan

5)Phi-I think they are a very dangerous team and don't be suprise if they are in the superbowl

6)Ari-They were beat bad at SF but they are a better team than what showed up for that game

7)Cin-They are dealing with a lot this week and their schedule is pretty tough down the stretch

8)GB-They showed me something with that win in Chi

9)Bal-I really think Bal will be dangerous if they make it in.

10)Ten-They are back in the top 10 for the first time since week 2. Chris Johnson will break the record.

It should be a great week in the NFL and please pray for Henry's family and the Bengals. It was sad to hear what happened to this young man. RIP

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  1. Good prediction and really good listing. But i think that Cin should have placed a bit more higher. Sports handicappers will love it.