Thursday, December 3, 2009

Week 13 and a look back at week 12 in the NFL and my top 10

Last week was a great week in the NFL there were some good match ups and a couple of upsets. Last week on my picks I went 13-3. Now that was a pretty decent week for me. Remember in a 16 game day I consider 4 wrong picks subpar and I have never been below .500.

What about those New Orlean Saints? I guess I will have to say they are for real and they may change my power rankings for this week.

Can Tennessee make it 6 straight games and get themselves into the playoff talk. Is that amazing or what? I think Chris Johnson will have a couple of huge runs this game and the Titans will win. I am predicting that Chris Johnson will have 225 yards rushing in this game.

I also have another upset pick and the Giants will beat Dallas. I will go through my winners and give you my top 10 teams for the week.

The winners this week will be:Buf, Pit, Car,Chi, Cin, Ten, Hou, Den, Mia, Phi, NO, SD, Nyg, SF, Ari, Bal
There you have it and remember I will be no worst than 12-4.

Here's my top 10 for the week there has been some changes at the top so let's go there.

1) Min-I feel they are the most complete team in the league. If Warner plays Ari will win on Sunday

2)NO-I have to move them ahead of Indy because when they attack you they attack you great team

3)Ind-Smart team and will be in the Superbowl but they will lose to Ten this week

4)SD- They have really turned it on and are actually the hottest team in the league right now.

5)Cin-I have to give them props they are solid on defence and can score on offence

6)Ari-They are a good football team and will be in the final four of the NFC

7)Dal-I am going to put Dal here for right now but I think they will go down to the Giants and move out of the top 10

8)Phi-They will win the NFC east when it's all said and done.

9)Pit-I think they will get things in gear and secure a wildcard and then be a tough out in the playoffs

10)NE-The Saints exposed them for who they really are and I think Miami will get them this week as well

Den, Bal, Ten, are all on the rise and if each win after this week they 2 may move up into the top 10. If Ten wins they will more than likely get that number 10 spot.

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