Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are the Cowboys for real? What's the truth about the Boys?

You tell me are the Cowboys for real? I have had my doubts about this team for the whole season. They still haven't won a playoff game in about 15 years can you really trust them? They did mess up my picks this week because I though Atlanta would go into Dallas and come out with a win.

The Cowboys are coming closer to officially being a contender in my book but first I have to see a signature  win on the road. They have Seattle coming up next week and I will not be able to get any answers from that game but the following week they have Philly in Philly on Sunday night. This will be hugh and if Dallas wins that game on the road they will be considered ligitimate contenders.

When I look back at week 7 and come up with my top 10 the Cowboys  may find themselves for the first time this season cracking the top 10. The Boys have some tools and played pretty solid on defense against the Falcons so if things are coming together for them and they can play this way consistently then they will have a shot.

I will keep watching Romo might just be a pretty good quarterback. Good job today Cowboys and I guess all of the over the top Cowboy fans will start beating their chest and getting their tickets for Miami.

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