Friday, October 23, 2009

The Truth about Magic and Isaiah

Magic and Isaiah where did things go wrong? This pair seemed inseperable just a few years back, ok maybe twenty but they were the best of friends and two of the best players in the NBA. So how can you go from two of the best of friends to a pretty vicious attack in a tell all book?

I don't know what caused the rift between Isaiah and Magic but please let's no take this any further. This is really ugly folks and it seems a little out of place for both of them. You have two hall of famers, two of the top 10 NBA talents of all time if you ask me having a fued like this or a potential fued.

I have heard the accusations that were made by Magic about what Isaiah had done back in the earlyh 90's but Magic that was 1992 are you telling me you have not had the opportunity to address this with him before now? If you have had a beef all this time what has stopped you from addressing these issues in private with your former best friend? Folks I don't like this at all and I hope they both will meet somewhere and make a public appearence and say all is forgiven and they have resumed a friendship.

Nobody wins in this drama. If anything it actually makes people question Magic in all of this. Like what does he want from this? And why now? This is not the time or place and Magic definitely doesn't need the money. So what's behind this 20 year old blow up?

People have made Isaiah the center of a lot of negative energy here lately and he doesn't need this or deserve it at this point. I just hope Isaiah takes the high road and just let's it go. Magic, whatever you needed to get from this I hope it's done and you move on and continue to be a positive influence in the community.

This thing is so strange it's hard to even talk about two grown men or one grow man inviting a cat fight. I don't get it folks and that's the truth!

Check back for my post on where Isaiah ranks all time as an NBA player you maybe surprised to see that he ranks above Kobe Bryant.

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