Friday, October 16, 2009

WEEK 6 in the NFL and a look at last week. Pick Challenge $25

Hey it's almost the half way point in the regular season can you believe it? Last week was a disaster for picks according to my standards I went 8-6. Now for some people being above .500 is good but for me that's a bad week if I am 4 or more picks off. The $25 gift card is on the table every week and no one challenged me last week on the picks. Last week would have been a good week to get a win because that's the worst I have gone in a long time 8-6.

I missed on a few of my upset picks like Tenn over Indy, KC over Dallas, I did pick Den over NE. I am going to do a whole piece on Vince Young and the Titans before the weekend is over. I am going to give you the top ten this week right here and now and then I will give you my picks for this week.


Teams that are on the bubble of the top 10 but will be in the playoff hunt are ATL,ARI,SF,NYJ,SD

Here we go my picks for WEEK 6 Hou vs cin-w, Det vs GB-w, Stl vs Jac-w, Bal vs Min-L, NYG vs NO-w, Cle vs Pit-w, Car vs TB-L, KC vs Was-w, Phi vs Oak-L, Ari vs Sea-w, Ten vs NE-w, Buf vs NYJ-w Chi vs ATL-w, Den vs SD-w

This week folks I feel at least 12-2 so bring your A-game and get a $25 gift cart

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