Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lebron,Kobe, Shaq Duncan the truth about the NBA season 2009-2010

Look for Lebron to have the best statistical season of his career and look for Shaq to be extremely productive in his limited minutes.

Tim Duncan and the Spurs will represent the west this season. They will be too much for the Ron Artest Lakers. San Antonio has really reloaded and with Duncan motivated and Ginolbli healthy this team knows how to get it done in June.

Getting Richard Jefferson was a hugh move that will pay big dividens for the Spurs come playoff time. RJ is a legitimate 20 point scorer and great team mate. Antonio McDyess is a big deal for the Spurs as well. He plays D, rebounds and will hit open baseline jumpers. When you add those guys to a healthy Spurs roster you have a title contender.

The up and coming teams who will make the playoffs that did not last year are the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma in the west. In the east the Charlotte Bobcats will make their first playoff appearence.

There you have it folks. I will write more about the Lakers, Bobcats, and Memphis in my next basketball post.

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