Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iverson''s out with a torn Hamstring " He should have practiced"

I usually give AI the benefit of the doubt in almost every situation because I am a big AI fan I love the way he brings it every night. The critics are just that critics they don't like the guy for what they feel like he represents but that's their problem.

But AI you have got to help me out with this one. You have not played ball for 5 months and you came into to camp by your own admission out of shape? What in the world were you doing with all of your time not knowing where or if you were going to be playing. If it were me I would have been in the best shape of my life ready to go out and show the world that I am still an elite player in the league.

Now you are saying you got injured in practice because you said you haven't played basketball in 5 months. Man that is bothering me because I thought you would come back with whatever team the picture of health and ready to lead whomever on a playoff run. I am not saying that will not happen but I am saying with you out all of training camp and then you will have to work yourself into NBA game shape over the next month it will be after Christmas before you hit your stride.

Now I have to listen to all the nay sayers and haters talk about how you are washed up and how your approached proved you are not serious about winning. I am going to remain silent since I have that right until you represent and allow me to speak on this again.

If you take Memphis to the playoffs in the west then I can say I told you he's still got it!

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