Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 5 top 10 NFL and my Picks for the Week. $25 for best picks

It's week 5 in the NFL and we are now getting a clearer picture of who is who in the NFL. Remember each week I am challenging all readers to out pick me for the Sunday games. If you finish with a better record than me and have the best pick ratio strickly win, lose then you will get a $25 gift card. If there is a tie then there will be a drawing to pick a winner. So show me what you know and enter your picks in the comments section of this post. Register on the site with your email so we can identify the winners.

From last week I was 10-4 with my picks there were several teams that had bye weeks but I didn't have a challenger so no one got the $25. Just a little something to keep it interesting and fun. First I am going to give you my top ten teams going into week five.

They are as followed:

I will say this the 49ers, Bears,Cardinals, Charges, and Falcons are all in the hunt for the 11-15 spot all of these are good teams with playoff potential.

All right get ready my picks for week 5 and like I say every week if you can't go 12-4 you have no chance and you don't really know football.

cin      cle      was     pit-w dal      min-w  oak     tb       atl     hou     ne        jac      ind     nyj-w
bal-w  buf-w car-w  det     kc-w  stl       nyg-w  phi-w  sf-w  ari-w  den-w  sea-w ten-w mia

There it is folks. I have at least 3 upset picks for this week and at least two of them will hold to form maybe all three. It's the truth now go and tell somebody!

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