Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can the Titans win out?

What about them Titans? They have had an impressive run so far. To start the season 0-6 and now run off 4 straight wins is nothing less than amazing. The combonation of Vince Young and Chris Johnson is a lethal mixture. They are able to do things in the backfield that no other team in the league can do and it's almost impssible to defend.

This is why I think they have a good chance to win out. Chris Johnson wants to be the all time leading rusher for a season. He is focused on reaching that goal and what this means for the Titans? They will get about 130 yards rushing each and every week. If they can continue to do this they will have a good chance to win out.

Vince Young is a difference maker for this team. The guy has won at every level so to run off 10 straight games is something he has done before in college, in high school and he has now won his last 9 starts. People like to talk about what he can't do but this guy is a winner. You look at his record in High School, College and Pros the guy just wins baby!

This week will be another test for the Titans. The Cardinals are starting to put it all together and playing winning football but I think the Titans will win again this week. If Indy wins on Sunday I think it will give the Titans a better chance of beating them when they play next week.

What a story line. If Vince and the Titans can run off ten straight and make the playoffs or even win a Superbowl. How wild would that be? This would help this franchise tremendously with the passing of Mac. There is hope in the music city again. Go Titans!

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