Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who is better Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

This question is not as hard as some would have you to believe. Just look at their numbers and then you tell me if you put both these players on every team in the NFL who would have the best record. Just in case I will give you the answer it's Peyton Manning.

I use to fight this truth years ago and felt like the media was making this guy. I was sort of like how Rush Limbaugh was about McNabb. I am a Titans fan so I felt like Mc9 was just as good if not better but what the years of watching this guy has convinced me that he will go down as one of the top three to ever play. He may even go down as number one.

Brady is a good quarterback in the perfect system for his skill set. If you put Brady on the other teams in the NFL he would struggle on some of those teams and they wouldn't be much better. I think Manning would make every team better. He is a more complete quarterback and has a better command of the position.

This video expounds on this point as well.

You can settle the Lebron vs Kobe debate the same way it's really not that difficult to know who is the best.  Check out


  1. I think you are right.

    Brady has Bill Belichek setting up the system for him, and we know that Belichick is a great coach.

    But Manning underwent a transition this year from another great coach to a rookie head coach who had never coached an NFL game in his life. The fact that the Colts didn't suffer a drop off (in fact have stepped it up a bit) suggests to me that Manning is showing some real leadership out there.

    I do predict though that New England will win tomorrow. The Colts were lucky to win last week and the Patriots are more likely to feel that this is a game they have to win (because the Jets might still wake up, and also because they want to keep pace with the Steelers/Bengals winner for playoff positioning.) But when and if the Colts lose it won't be that bad for them because it will get the 'undefeated' monkey off their shoulder and help them focus heading towards the playoffs.

  2. Well I think that if Tom Brady had as much experience as Peyton there would be a comparison. Peyton may be the better QB but what I'm saying is how can you compare the two when Peyton has been in league probably 2x as long as Tom Brady. Dont try make it seem like
    Tom Brady could never be as good as Peyton because its a very strong possibility. Plus all of this is coming from someone who has animosity towards the whole new england team.

  3. I think Peyton has the edge in talent, but Brady has the "it". I'd take Tom Brady - he's proven he can win big games consistently with a variety of changing parts.