Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 8 in the NFL Last week picks and this week picks $25 if you out pick me

Ok folks my picks from last week I went 10-4 and nobody was able to top that mark. Last week was ok but I will do better this week. I am going to give you my top 10 teams for the week and my picks.

The top 10 teams going into week 8 are:

1)Ind-The colts go back to number 1 after a close call for NO

2)NO-They had a close call but still found a way to win the game in the end. This team is dangerous.

3)DEN-They are for real but they have some challenging games scheduled

4)MIN-They fought hard in PIT but someone had to lose. They are still a top contender

5)NE-They keep winning but they will face some more challenging teams pretty soon.

6)PIT-They are a solid team and they showed you what they are capable of against MINN.

7)ARI-They are starting to look like the team that made the run in the playoffs and beating the Giants on the road was hugh.

8)NYG-They just lost two in a row. They have to do something quick.

9)PHI-Philly is still a force to recon with.

10)Dallas-These guys made it this week but I will have to see some other key wins to say they are a contender.

NYG-vs-PHI-L, Den-vs-Bal-w,Hou-vs-Buf-L,Cle-vs-Chi-w,Sea-vs-Dal-w,Mia-vs-Nyj-w,Sf-vs-Ind-w,Nyg-vs-Phi-w,stl-vs-Det-w,Oak-vs-Sd-w,Jac-vs-Ten-w,Min-vs-Gb-w

Those are my picks for week 8 and remember if someone has more insight than me and pick better this week will get a $25 gift card if there's a tie a name will be drawn and someone will win.

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