Monday, November 2, 2009

Redemption Sunday struck in the NFL this week

There is always talk of redemption on Sunday. That’s what Sunday’s are all about a chance to right some wrongs and three quarterbacks in the league did exactly that. They went out and made statements in games where there may have been doubt.

Let’s start with Brett Favre. How amazing was that? This guy goes into Lambeau and throws for 4 touchdowns and no picks. What is Ted Thompson thinking right now? Brett is playing some of the best ball of his life at 40! He is not only playing well but he is humming that ball with the zip of Brett of old. Brett has an opportunity to lead this team to the super bowl. This team is a very good and well balanced team. The truth about this situation is Brett has everything working in his favor. The best running back in the league and one of the best defenses in the league and a plethora of receivers and special weapons. The biggest advantage of all for Brett has nothing to do with who’s on the field with him but where the field is located. Playing inside for more than half their games in November and December is huge. They could very well play a couple playoff games at home also. Beating Green Bay at Lambeau I am sure was second best to only winning a super bowl.

The next quarterback to need their sins washed away is Jake Delhomme. Jake was in a real bad place with the fans in Carolina. He had been just plain awful this season throwing at least one pick in all of their games. The fans were calling for him to be benched and for the team to play anyone other than Jake. Some were saying just run the wildcat the whole game. But he was redeemed this past week in a game where he threw no picks and beat the team on the road that had embarrassed Carolina in the playoffs. Jake got redemption against  the team that started his downward spiral. He undid some of the effects of playing the worst playoff game by in quarterback in the history of the game. This win gives Jake a lot of confidence that he badly needed and puts life back in a team that was almost left for dead.

Last but not least Vince Young got a shot at redemption as well. It took the owner of the organization to go over Jeff Fishers head and point blank say start Vince this week. It may be too little too late for the Titans as a team but it’s good to see Vince bounce back and make his owner look like a genius and Fisher like a fool. Vince had a rough year last year after being booed he didn’t want to return to the game. This is almost unforgivable in some eyes and I think Jeff Fisher falls into that category. Fisher may have gone to far with this one though because if Vince continues to play well the question will be why didn’t Fisher make the change sooner? It has to feel great for Vince to silence the critics if only for a week to have played as well as he did. No turnovers, completed 80% of his passes, and played with confidence. I hope the guy can keep it up because the haters are waiting for him to fail but this kid has proven to be a winner.

All three of these guys can sing that old spiritual “ I’ve been Redeemed”

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