Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Truth about Allen Iverson and the Memphis Grizzlies

Allen Iverson my man, my guy, what in the world were you thinking? I wrote a column and did a you tube post begging him not to go the the Grizzlies. He is much better than this organization deserves. So why did he not go to a contender and take less money for one year. He would have been much better off with the Bobcats they need fourth quarter scoring. Just look at the game against Orlando where they were in the game but they only could score 10 points in the fourth quarter.

I blame Iverson not for wanting to start because he is 10 times better the Mike Conley Jr no disrespect but that is true. In Memphis he should be starting. I don't blame him for being upset but I blame him for going to Memphis in the first place. Even if he had to play for free I would have gone to Miami or lobbied to play with the Cavs or with the Bobcats who will make the playoffs this year. He never should have considered the Clippers or Memphis.

I really don't know how Iverson will reverse this situation maybe he can be traded to another team. Maybe the Bobcats or Cleveland but this is a mess. I blame Iverson only for his decission to play for Memphis this was a big mistake. Now teams will be leary of taking Iverson next year.

I love the way Iverson plays ball. He comes to play every night and there are teams out there that can use that example like the Bobcats. I am a Bobcats fan living in Carolina and I think both missed an opportunity to help each other. Forget all of the selfish garbage the man has average 27 points and 6 assist a game for his career. There are teams out there right now who need his ability to score the ball in key situations. The Cavs need someone else who can create and my Bobcats. Iverson find a way to play for one of these teams.

Revisit my you tube post before the season started.

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