Monday, November 2, 2009

You should have got a Rondo

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks about Rajon Rondo’s  contract status. Over the summer to everyone’s surprise the Celtics were said to be shopping Rondo? Even for this to be a consideration you have to ask the question is Danny Ainge really a great GM or was he in the right place at the right time and friends of the right Kevin Mchale who was willing to gift his good friend Kevin Garnett. That’s a subject for another day.

Back to Rondo. Why would there be so many questions about a player who is only 23 years old and he recently carried your team through the playoffs averaging almost a triple double. This guy has improved his play every year he has been in the league and he is managing a team with three potential hall of famers. So why was Boston and Ainges playing these cat and mouse games with the future of their franchise?

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, are all over 30. This guy is a building block piece and to even consider getting rid of him is baffling. He is definitely in a good situation with what Boston has on the court with him right now but sometimes things like not immediately signing a key player can backfire on you.

I do hear nay sayers saying he’s not worth the 55 million that his new contract will pay him. I think he is actually worth more than that. Why do I say that? The guy plays as good on defense as Kevin Garnett, and he rebounds, get steals, and is a great set up man. The knock on Rondo is he’s not a great jump shooter. The answer to that is he is still only 23 years old and he will shoot the ball better.

He is one of those elite young point guards in the league with Paul, Williams, and Rose. No he doesn’t score like Paul and Williams but his other strengths puts him right up there with those two.
Danny Ainge should be glad he came to his senses or he could have been hearing the words of that commercial from back in the day. You should have got a Rondo.

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