Friday, November 13, 2009

The picks Challenge The little boy vs me and you.


KC vs OAK-L                                                                       KC vs OAK-W
SEA vs ARI-W                                                                      SEA vs ARI-W
TB vs MIA-L                                                                         TB vs MIA-L
DAL vs GB-L                                                                        DAL vs GB-W
PHI vs SD-L                                                                          PHI vs SD-L
ATL vs CAR-W                                                                    ATL vs CAR-W
NE vs IND-L                                                                         NE vs IND-W
DET vs MIN-W                                                                     DET vs MIN-W
BAL vs CLE-L                                                                       BAL vs CLE-L
JAC vs NYJ-W                                                                      JAC vs NYJ-W
TEN vs BUF-L                                                                      TEN vs BUF-L
DEN vs WAS-L                                                                    DEN vs WAS-L

There they are the picks for the week. Last week the little man was 10-3 and I was 7-6. Put your picks in the comments section and if your picks are better than the little man and mine you win a $25 gift card. We missed the Thursday game where SF beat CHI so that game is not included in the picks.


  1. Not sure I quite understand your mode of picking (i.e. if you pick a team to lose how is that different from picking the other team to win?)

    However, my picks to win are:

    Chiefs, Seahawks (upset special,) Dolphins, Cowboys, Chargers, Falcons, Patriots, Vikings, Ravens, Jags, Bills, Broncos.

  2. Oh, and a huge game you missed:

    I also predict Steelers 30, Bengals 13

  3. That's how it works. I usually just pick from the right side of the match up so some picks will be W and some L but it's the same the L I am picking the other team to win