Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Cavs will be Kings of the East

I know people will say Rashard Lewis did not play and also talk about the other guy that came from the Nets who has never been a superstar. None of that matters because the truth of the matter is Shaq nuetralized Dwight Howard. If Cleveland doesn't have to double team Howard and they can hold him to less than 20 points a game they will win every time they play them. Shaq's size bothers Howard and I don't see him going for 30 in a game against Shaq. So that means no open three's for the wing players. If Shaq plays in all four games against the Magic this year I predict Cleveland will win every game.

The other thing about Cleveland that's different from Boston and Orlando they will get better up until the playoffs. Think about this Delonte West would have served his suspension or whatever, Leon Powe will see minutes, Hickson will be comfortable because of the increased minutes, and Big Z would have settled into his new role. By the allstar break this team will be recognized as the team to beat. Right now it's Boston. The Lakers they haven't beaten a contender yet.

The team that beat the Magic by 20 even though the score said 9 will only get bettter and will easily win the East and I predict win the title as well.

Lebron is the best player in the league and he makes the game look so easy when he's running and making passes and being set up for dunks and lay ups. If Williams continue to run the offense in a way that gets Lebron loose on the wing and he can get 10 easy points a game they will not lose many.

Mo Williams has a major chip on his shoulders and something to prove. He feels he let the team down in the playoffs and he is looking for redemption. If this guy averages 20 a game this year they will win 70 games.

You just got the rest of the story on the Cavs. The truth will make you free!

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