Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 12 picks and a look back at week 11 picks and my top 10

Well it was a pretty decent week in the NFL last week. I usaully want to finish with a max of 4 picks to the bad. I have been off for the past few weeks. I have stayed above 500 but not where I want to be. This week 10-6. So I am going to list my picks for week 12. What about those Titans I will write a post about the 4-0 Titans. Back to the picks for week 12


My top 10

1) MIN-There's a change at the top I just think they are the most complete team

2)IND-They are solid and find a way to win each week. Houston will be a challenge for them

3)NO-They will continue to win and expect them to meet the challenge against the Pats

4)NE-They keep winning against people they are suppose to beat but the Saints will be too much

5)ARI-They keep winning and have found their stride but this week will be in hiccup in TEN

6)SD- They continue to move up and take care of business they have already won the west

7)PHI-They will win the NFC east watch what happens down the stretch

8)CIN-If you are serious you don't lose to the Raiders at this point in the season when you are running out front

9)NYG-They are coming back expect them to make a charge right here

10)PIT-They are still a force but they have dropped some games they should have won

There are some teams that have come on strong in the past few weeks. JAC, TEN,GB have all played well and with TEN winning 4 straight there's a lot of excitement around that team.

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