Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week 9 picks and last week results and this weeks top 10

I don't know what was up with last week it seems I only had 11 picks. Was there more teams with a bye than usual? Last week I went 8-3. Not bad I did have a few picks get away from me like St Louis beating the Lions but I should have know you can't trust the Lions.

Here are my picks for the week. Sunday 11/8/09

Was vs Atl-w,  Ari vs Chi-L, Bal vs Cin-L, Hou vs Ind-W, Kc vs Jac-W, Mia vs Ne-L, Gb vs Tb-L, Car vs No-L, Det vs Sea-W, Sd vs Nyg-W, Ten vs Sf-L, Dal Vs Phi-W. Pit vs Den-L

I have a challenger this week. My 8 year old son feels like his picks are more accurate than mine. So here are his pics for the week.

Was vs Atl-W, Ari vs Chi-W, Bal vs Cin-L, Mia vs Ne-W, Car vs No-W, Pit vs Den-W, Hou vs Ind-W, Jac vs Kc-L, Gb vs Tb-W, Dal-Phi-L, Det vs Se-W, Sd vs Nyg-L, Ten vs Sf-L

There you have it the little fellow thinks he can out pick me but I doubt it.
Now for my top 10 teams this week.

1) Ind

The other two teams that are right on the bubble but didn't make it in is Atl and Cin. They are right there and will be in the playoff hunt. If Cin beats Bal they will be in the top 10 next week.

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