Thursday, November 19, 2009

NFL picks for week 11 and results of last week picks and the top 10

It was a big week in the NFL. The colts mounted one of the biggest come backs again in NFL history and the debate over who is better Manning or Brady is settled in my book. The Titans have won three in a row and Denver has lost three in a row. Life in the NFL but now we know who's who.

I will go over my top 10 in this post as well but first I am going to give you the pick results from last week. There were three challengers this week choosing the games that were available. JMJ went 6-6, Eli went 6-6 and yours truly MRJ went 7-5. That's still a bad week for me but I did come out on top.  I took a chance on some picks that I felt would be upsets that didn't pan out like the Bucs upsetting Miami it didn't happen but boy they were close.

My top 10 teams this week

1) Indy-undefeated and they can beat anybody any place Peyton Manning is a man

2)NO-The saints just keep winning. They are showing that they will be beat soon but they keep winning.

3)MIN-They are the team to beat in my for the Superbowl I believe they will be there

4)CIN- They are for real folks and beat PITT twice to prove it

5)NE-They are still a top team even though they have had problems on the road

6)PITT-They are still the team to beat in the AFC even though IND is undefeated

7)ARI-They are a contender in the NFC and may be there in the championship game

8)BAL-I may go with the Ravens to knock off Indy they can play and will make the playoffs

9)SD- They have made their way back into the top 10 after leaving after week 3

10)DAL-They are suspect but I am going to include them in the top 10 this week

My picks for the week. I am going to make it easy for you to understand my picks I am going to only list the team that I am picking to win.


This week we have all 16 games going on so this should be fun I am leaving the offer on the table if your picks are better than mine and  you have the most correct you win a $25 gift card. If there is a tie the names will be drawn and a winner will be determine. If you tie with me no gift card will be given.  So come with your A game!

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