Friday, November 13, 2009

Here we go week 10 in tne NFL and picks for the week and top 10

Week 9 was very interesting for my picks. If you read the post last week then you know the little boy challenged me on the picks. So how did it go? I will probaly have ot move because he beat me last week and he will get a $25 gift card to Target. I still can not believe my picks were off like that. I was still above 500 but I went 7-6. The little guy went 10-3 and beat me pretty bad last week.

I will reload this week and get it done. But for now we are going to look at my top 10 teams going into the week end and then I will post the picks for the upcoming week. I am going to post my picks and JMJ's. The winner now have to have better picks than me and the little boy.

This week's top 10

1)IND-They are going to be number 1 until someone beats them

2)NO-They are going to be number 2 until someone beats them or Indy loses.

3)MIN-They are a legit super bowl contender

4)PIT-They are in super bowl form. I would not be suprise to see them playing in the big game

5)CIN-This is the suprise team of the year other than TEN. If they beat PIT they become true contenders

6)NE-They have not looked good on the road so this week will be a real test to see if they keep this spot

7)DAL-They are here for now. A road win this week keeps them in the top 10

8)PHI- Bad loss to DAL at home a win in SD on the road takes care of that

9)ARI-They are putting things together. They crushed CHI

10)DEN-Two loses in a row to good teams we will see what they are about over the next few weeks

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