Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Truth about the Bobcats for the 2009-2010 Season

The Charlotte Bobcats are the team that no one expects much from except for the fans here in the Carolinas. I have watched most of the Bobcats games and I was at the game live against the Hawks. The same Hawks team that beat Dallas by about 30 and the Dallas team that went into LA and beat them by about 20. So what does this say about the Charlotte Bobcats?

The Cats can be a dangerous team this year but they have to get off to a good start. Right now as of this writing they are 3-3 and need to run off about 3 straight wins to give themselves some room above 500. Larry Brown in my opinion is the best coach in the league and he will get these guys to play the right way. That's the moto play the right way and so far outside of the sleep walking they did in Boston they have played well.

Before the season I was all for bringing in Allen Iverson because the Bobcats were one of the worst scoring teams in the league last year. After the Celtics game I was sure the Bobcats were in deep trouble. The game against the Hawks help me to see something in a different light. Larry Brown won a championship with Ben Wallace at center and he probaly average no more than 7 points a game. There was no super star end of game closer so to speak but Billups, Hamilton, Prince and Rasheed got it done. The thing Larry Brown got them to do was play defense every night and that's what I see with these Bobcats.

Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, DJ Augustine, and Felton are all going to have to average at least 15 points per game and Wallace is going to need 20 and 10 from Chandler. If they can score 95 points a game they will make the playoffs.

Detroit bought into the team concept and they were able to take down the mighty Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. This team if they come out early and push their record to about 5-10 games above 500 before the New Year they will make the playoffs.

I like what I saw from these Cats against Atlanta at home. The other point I missed was the bench production. They will get points off the bench because Flip Murray has never seen a jump shot he didn't like. I am predicting right here, right now that the Cats will make the playoffs.

I will bring you more on the Bobcats every week so check back often and tell somebody about The Truth in Sports by MRJ.

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